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The calendar will keep track of all activities that are about to take place. At the moment we do not offer trainings, keep an eye on the agenda for the traninigs that will take place in the new study year. 

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Every Wednesday
from 14:00 till 15:00 hour

Walk-in hour planning

Eindhoven | Nederlands & Engels Walk-in hour planning
Do you need some help by creating your weekly schedule or to use it effectively or do you maybe  find it hard to keep a clear overview of your tasks and manage your time? Stop by our weekly walk-in sessions every Wednesday from 14:00 – 15:00 in room 4.36 (R10)  where you can ask all your questions related to planning, creating a overview, timemagenement, balance between studying and relaxing and so on. Feel free to stop by on one of the times above if you want to have a chat, we’d like to help and talk about what you need.
Iedere maandag
from 11:00 till 12:00 hour

Study Support TQ

Eindhoven | Nederlands & Engels Study Support TQ
While working on complex projects, you may be confronted with challenges for which you sometimes can't find answers on your own. Have you ever experienced a decrease in energy and motivation? Have you found yourself postponing tasks on your schedule or struggling to maintain focus, leading to an increase in stress? Or perhaps you're unsure where to start when seeking feedback from instructors? Sometimes, it's reassuring to realize that you're not the only one who finds these situations challenging. That's why we organize weekly meetings where you can engage with Student+, an experienced study and job coach, and fellow students to discuss the issues that concern you. Together, we seek practical tips and strategies that can help you gain more control over your studies. The coaching sessions are interspersed with sessions that focus on topics such as procrastination, stress, feedback, and documentation.
On application

The Mindful Student

Eindhoven Online | Nederlands & Engels The Mindful Student
Know yourself. Boost your health. Improve your study.  Study and internship are times of change. Most students experience this as a period of learning and preparing for a great career. Sometimes learning is enjoyable, and you work with fine people. However, there may also be times when you would like to flourish but don't know how to achieve that. Or what about overwhelming situations - provoking stress, rumination, or insomnia?  Then it is important to have a solid foundation to tap into your resilience. After all, this is how you can stay focused and perform optimally. So, follow the advice that science has proven, and Tech Giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Apple offer their professionals.    Learn mindfulness! Join an evidence-based course designed to cultivate awareness of our body, emotions, and mind to live with greater well-being, kindness, and pleasure.   You can find ways to manage yourself.   ·        Creative Responding  ·        Stress Management   ·        Skillful Choices    ·        Wise Communication   ·        Taking Care  There are opportunities for a customized one-to-one basis and for small groups starting in February 2024 or on demand. The location is TQ or Online.  
September 2023
February 2024
20 February till 11 June
from 16:00 till 17:30 hour

Learning Dutch: participating in day-to-day interaction and reading simple texts

Eindhoven | Nederlands & Engels Learning Dutch: participating in day-to-day interaction and reading simple texts
A Dutch language course for all international students of Fontys ICT who have the wish to learn the basics of the Dutch language for daily interaction. In class, we will develop communication and reading skills and we will learn useful vocabulary. The course programme is structured around various themes that relate to your general daily life and life in the Netherlands. This way, you can be sure that what you learn will be immediately applicable in daily situations outside the classroom.
March 2024
13 March till 1 May
from 15:00 till 16:00 hour

How to be Dutch

Eindhoven | Engels How to be Dutch
A workshop to get to know the Netherlands a little better. A low key environment to learn about habits, language, practical information and more. 
13 March
from 13:00 till 14:30 hour

Effective communication

Eindhoven | Nederlands & Engels Effective communication
Do you sometimes find it difficult to walk up to someone to start a conversation? And when you have a conversation, to keep it going? During this workshop we will work together on these social skills and make sure you get more experience on these subjects!
April 2024
8 April
from 14:00 till 15:00 hour

Training Feedback Eindhoven

Eindhoven | Nederlands & Engels Training Feedback Eindhoven
Do you find it hard to give feedback? Or ask for it? Or dont you know what to do with the feedback that you receive? Then you are not alone. Learn the steps to give and interpret feedback with this training
May 2024
22 May
from 15:00 till 16:00 hour

Training How to stay motivated Eindhoven

Eindhoven | Nederlands & Engels Training How to stay motivated Eindhoven
Having trouble being motivated? Trouble to get started? Sign up for the training and find motivation again with the help of various tips.
June 2024
19 June
from 15:00 till 16:00 hour

Training Energy balance Eindhoven

Eindhoven | Nederlands & Engels Training Energy balance Eindhoven
One-time training in which students gain insight into their energy givers and energy guzzlers. They learn how to keep their energy levels in balance and what influence they have in this themselves.